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Are you tired of stumbling through each day, waiting & hoping to start living the life you want instead of the life you've got?
Joey Yap's BaZi Mastery 1:
Mapping Your Life
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Beyond Fortune Telling

We don't do fortune telling: we can't tell you exactly where you will end up, but throughout the awakening process that long term clients have already undergone with the help of the Joey Yap's System you will begin to gain a deeper understanding of who you are truly are and where you're heading. We will help you navigate the road ahead.

BaZi is about more than fortune telling. The Destiny Code concept is only one idea that is part of a scientific system which is taught and learned - a system which builds insight, confidence and action skills. Take practical advice for the real world from the system.

Through understanding your Destiny and Luck Cycle you learn to see obstacles in life coming before they reach you so that you may act. Become calm and assured in the face of increasing responsibility whilst earning greater rewards in all facets of life.

See more. Do more. Achieve more. Be more. You don't control the hand you are dealt; only how you play it. Let us teach you the best way to play. When preparation meets opportunity, good fortune is guaranteed.

Be ready for the future.

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Why aren't you where you want to be yet?

Chinese Astrology expert Joey Yap understands. The breakthrough you need is here.

Inside each and every one of us lies unlimited potential that we are all aware of even if only fleetingly. Everyone catches themselves asking "What If?". "What could I be?" "Where could I be?

We would all like to be a content multi millionaire, jet setting around the world and living the good life. Countless stock traders, celebrities and people from different walks of life are living this dream and other dreams right now, but that doesn't mean you should simply follow in their exact footsteps to make your dreams come true. How do you go from where you are now to where you'd like to be utilising your talents? Not everyone is cut out to be a celebrity, but does that mean nobody except celebrities can hope for success? Of course not. Everyone is different and that is why success begins with an examination of self and potential. There are many ways to the top.

What if you could fully understand the role you play in your own life? What if you truly knew where you were going? If we could all harness our potential and talents and fulfil our intended Destinies then we would literally astound ourselves. Everyone deserves more, including you. The question is, what should you do about it right now?

It's time to wake up and make changes. Which describes you?

•  Concerned about your financial situation, which career path to pursue or your place in the corporate ladder? In matters of finance, career and personal success, almost none of us reach the heights we deserve to because we are held back by self doubt, indecisiveness and fear. Eliminate these with a heightened state of awareness and get to the top. Many paths lie in front of you at any given moment. Only one is the right path for you. Your map ahead is here.

•  Trying to fight off feelings of depression or even fear about life, your direction, your actions and your situation? Know what to do and when to do it. Understand your purpose and systematically seek out and capture the happiness and fulfilment that the world holds for you. Feel fire in your heart again and step forward boldly with purpose.

•  You are struggling to find a balance between work and play. Family and friends. You want more but you don't want to burn yourself out trying to get it. Learn specifically how you can prioritise and achieve without overloading your limited personal resources.

•  You go through the motions each day, waiting for "the big change". It is easy to lose focus and become confused, losing sight of the bigger possibilities as you simply exist every day. You don't have to be stuck in a rut. Become more.

•  Do you feel as if Life hasn't given you everything it should have? Are you still looking for a true purpose? Stop simply looking for a purpose and start moving towards achieving it as you discover for the first time what you should be doing in life based on a methodical examination of your unique qualities.

Become the person you want to be today by learning to fully understand your own Destiny, yourself and the destinies of others: master the concepts of BaZi. Find your limits, reach them and leave them behind as you take control over your direction in life, learn new skills and start making the correct decisions, fast.

Treasured By Hundreds Of Thousands

Joey Yap's comprehensive, strategic, life changing BaZi mastery techniques are now treasured by people from all walks of life with proven results. The formal, systematic learning programs he has created have been utilised to improve corporate culture by companies such as Microsoft, CitiBank and HSBC. In addition, his work has been recognised in international media publications by Bloomberg, International Herald Tribune, Forbes International and Times International amongst others.

On an individual level, BaZi mastery has contributed to the success of countless property developers, celebrities, famous corporate figures and others throughout Asia and the world. Whether or not you take your rightful place amongst these people is up to you.

Joey Yap can help you achieve the same success in your life and career as he has in his own.

The big question is...why BaZi? What can it do for you in the modern world of today?

Finally: Science Fused Perfectly
With Ancient Wisdom

We all strive to make sense of life, the universe and our role in "the big picture".

For most people, big insights never come and the answers to the big questions never fully crystallize. They are left wanting in their daily lives with feelings of emptiness or that something may be missing.

Now, thanks to increasing access to information that recent technology affords, anyone can stand on the shoulders of countless others who have perfected and honed knowledge of Chinese Astrology over generations. Such information has now been compiled, enhanced, refined and turned into a digestible Home Study system more comprehensive and relevant to the lives of people today than any other system of its kind.

When many people think of Chinese Astrology, they think of Zodiac star signs and little else. What more can Chinese Astrology offer to the modern person? The truth is that there is potentially no end to the study of Chinese metaphysics and understanding BaZi is no simple matter. The more the concepts of BaZi are understood; the more they give to a person. Many people are passionate about BaZi and find that simply studying it is rewarding and enriching.

Learning to interpret and apply the wisdom gained from BaZi study is no simple matter without the proper guide, however. Traditionally, the study of BaZi was the preserve of the elite: as knowledge was passed down between individuals, only a select few could ever hope to uncover the fortunes that awaited them in life using BaZi reading techniques. Today, for the first time in human history, anyone may learn to master their own future.

You can begin your journey with Master Trainer Joey Yap, as he takes you by the hand from the basic concepts and fundamentals of BaZi through to the specifics of how to integrate the insight you gain from your study into your every day life. Let the knowledge you gain serve you in all your endeavours.



I was totally blown away by Joey Yap's generosity. I was very impressed especially when I compare the teacher to all of the others I have taken courses from. I think I would enjoy learning from Joey Yap and now need to save to attend more classes!

May Hinazumi, U.S.A.

With Joey's unique teaching style and his through knowledge on the subject, he made the subject very interesting and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge. It is amazing how the Bazi is so accurate about you, your character and talents.

Aruna ravithasan, United Kingdom

Thanks heaven for getting me the opportunity for listen to you. It is amazing, how you can get so much information in such short time. I'll need years for learning and understanding what you gave us. Thank you very much.

Daniela Gerono, Germany

This course is highly recommended as a supplement to BaZi courses. A fun, informative and useful session is guaranteed.

Sarah Ho Sook Ming , Hong Kong

Again - Outstanding! This proves that one needs to keep repeating. A wealth of knowledge even though it is a repeat class. Well done - Joey is phenomenal!! Many Thanks.

Diane Grobler, South Africa

Fast paced, packed with a lot of information…Great to have more tools now to improve the speed and accuracy of my readings. Thank you.

Inge Katrina Heding, Australia

I really enjoyed it and learn a whole new chunk of things and am really excited to put into use.

Bonita Pang Ying Chyi, Singapore

It's a great course. It opened my mind towards Chinese Metaphysics studies. Joey's approach is friendly and fun.

Mulyono Tjahyono, Indonesia

Overwhelming information: Thank You!

Georg Schmidt, Austria

Fascinating and lots of detail!

Lim Keng Hock, Malaysia

It's an extensive course with a lot of new information to digest and a lot of charts to practice. It is very good and helps to read charts better.

Yoshiko Sinaga, Singapore


The Big Answers Are Coming
Decode The Mysteries Of Your Future

We all have a Destiny. Destiny is not the same as fate: your future is not predetermined.

Instead, the study of Destiny is about knowing what is within your control and ability, and what is not. Discover which rewards you can reach using your talents and strengths and then take shortcuts towards them. Some people are rich in talent and others poor but when you know how to put your best food forward, you can succeed regardless. The vast majority of self made millionaires obtained below average grades in college. Why then, did they succeed? Acknowledge your own gifts, however plentiful and then tailor your actions accordingly.

Strategically learn about yourself and then see which doors are open to you - and which of those you should step through.

Ignore your Destiny at your peril. Just as the DNA inside our bodies contains instructions for the way our bodies grow and function, so your Destiny Code contains the blueprints for your life. You still have choices each day but your Destiny Code helps you illuminate which choices ahead you should take based on your personality, characteristics, talents and capabilities. Without this understanding, it's no wonder most people stumble through life, hoping for the life they dream about to fall into their laps one day.

Don't live life without passion. Find out where your talents and true purpose lie and then hone and improve and capitalise on them.

You will be taught how to understand your Day Master which describes your basic, fundamental nature. Drill down to the core of who you are and see what you find - then work your way back and extrapolate qualities, hidden talents and hidden potentials you could never become aware of otherwise. Expand your appreciation of life.

The year, month, day, and hour of your birth dictate the Four Pillars of your Destiny. Each Pillar is represented by two characters known as the Heavenly Stems and Earthy Branches. The Heavenly Stems dictate the personality that you convey to others. Friendly or unfriendly, co-operative or stubborn. The concepts of Ying and Yang, the Five Elements and more are thrown into the BaZi mix as you create a BaZi chart - a complete map of your Destiny.

Joey Yap enriches your life by showing you how to create your BaZi chart and then read it in a simple, straight forward manner. Lessons learned from BaZi reading and Chinese Astrology have been enhancing lives for hundreds of years. They always have and always will remain relevant.

The Power Of Anticipation

There is more to life than Destiny. We all move through good times and bad times, ups and downs. What many of us don't realise is that Luck comes to us in cycles.

Calculate where you stand within the natural 10 year Luck cycle that we all experience and learn to appreciate and grab opportunities during the good times whilst accepting the bad times without blaming yourself for them. Life live without regretting things that could have been: life is too short to miss out on the things you deserve.

Creativity, Personal Relationship Success, Career Status & Even Ambition Will Soar In A Virtuous Cycle

Are you the kind of person willing to take action or are you content to let the future slip away? Sometimes when you picture the future, you have a person in mind - a person you'd like to be rather than the person you are today. Isn't it time to step into that persons shoes and create the dream life that they have for yourself using strategic goal setting and action?

Uncover concealed character flaws and issues that you create for yourself and then fix them, one by one. Build and compound your talents until you surpass others in your field. Figure out you interpersonal strengths and how you integrate best into situations with others.

A tactician makes decisions when they are face to face with them. A strategist plays long ball and has a bigger picture in mind. It takes a strategist to win any kind of war and a tactician to win every day battles. Become a tactician and a strategist as you move forward, just like the many property developers, celebrities, businessmen, pop singers and other Winners in the game of life who have beaten the odds and taken the BaZi Mastery system to heart.

Enhance yourself.

The Right Version Of You

Here are some of the benefits and outcomes you should expect to see:

Plot Your Complete BaZi Chart
Reverse engineer the blueprints from you from your Destiny Code with easy to follow instructions. Learn what your BaZi chart means how you should act on the insight it presents. No guesswork. A system has been laid out for you.

Understand Motives, Conflicts, Strengths, Weaknesses And More Between People
Learn to navigate the shortfalls of others and harness the skills and abilities of others in whatever way you wish as you calculate the needs, motives and desires of people you know and meet.

Decisively And Accurately Assess Favourable And Unfavourable Choices
In your career or business matters you will be able to choose the right ways to proceed and take action with confidence

Improve Interpersonal Relationships With Family & Children

Increased Self Awareness
Know yourself better than you think is possible. With an enhanced, calm awareness of self you can even detect illness early, simply by paying attention to your own mind and body!

Motivate People Around You By Understanding What Makes Them Tick.
Discover the strengths and weaknesses of others as you discover them in yourself and learn to utilise this information in pursuit of your own goals and the well being of everyone around you

Increased Business Productivity And Financial Success
Goals and objectives will crystallize in your mind whilst ambition comes into focus in a way you've only experienced fleetingly before....and stays in focus.

See The Best Paths Ahead In Life
Learn to analyse and see paths to more wealth, improved spiritual well being and even romantic success with compatible partners. Avoid damaging choices and dead ends whilst you move closer to anything you wish!

Habit Control
Reprogram yourself and avoid self destructive habits and actions without fear of relapses or will power battles.

Use the time you have at your disposal in the correct way. Success isn't always about working harder or even about spending more time working. It is about how you work and how you use your time. Once time is gone it never comes back - a most precious resource.

Why Home Study Course?

You are ready to take action like the other successful people before you who have mastered BaZi.

The problem is, in today's hectic world, time is scarce and scheduling problems frequent. We are constantly bombarded with information and conflicting advice and it can be difficult to filter out the important from the banal. How can you possibly hope to see the benefits of fully integrating the Mastery Courses presented here into your life against such a hectic background of noise and distraction? What if you a live course isn't being held near you or if you come from a place that has no resources or mentors on Chinese Metaphysics.

Home Study is the modern answer to the hectic lifestyle of today. Joey Yap's Mastery Courses are now available in various online Home Study packages which you can learn on your terms: where you want, when you want. Instead of being forced to absorb a wealth of important information at a live event or class you can now pace yourself and fully absorb the content of the comprehensive course book, video and tool packages in the comfort of your own home. Repeat sections again and again. Rewind and fast forward as you see fit.

In the Online HomeStudy Course, you will receive access to online video lectures, online video lessons, 200 page+ workbook, quizzes, exercises, and a wealth more !

So, just who is Joey Yap and how did he come up with his systematic, life changing BaZi Online HomeStudy Course? (And why should you bother listening to him?)

Read Joey Yap's fascinating story here before you begin your own.

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